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We've moved to a shiny, new, mobile responsive website. Just one of many improvements you can expect from The Ultimate Athlete Project team this year.

The UAP is a long term training program created for ultimate. We are only open at certain times of year. If you're here, you're in luck because...

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Here are just a few of our awesome athletes: 

"I'm bouncier than I've ever been, and more ready for whatever's next, be it the 4th set of a workout or the second day of a tournament. The UAP helped me put some actual thinking behind the offseason work I did so that staying strong, loose, and mobile during the year was a matter of maintenance rather than having to play catch up."

 Jonathan Neeley, DC Truck Stop


"In every way, Melissa's Ultimate Athlete Program is the best workout program I've ever followed for ultimate. As long as I'm playing competitively, I'll be on the UAP year round and I hope my team will too. Doublewide knew how important friz fitness was to being successful and did the work. DW had a very tough track program that we followed during the season. Many guys also lifted weights on their own during the season and during the off-season. It was quite effective. However, following Melisa's programs have been even better, no doubt about it."

 Valley Renshaw, Prairie Fire

"Before the UAP, I would work out inconsistently, and choose to do what felt I should do that day at the gym. As a UAP member, I have my year planned out with periodization, including the exact workouts to do each day and week. I am now working out 3-5 days a week. The UAP is the boost I needed."

 David Lindsey, Stackcats (Chicago, IL)

You're already working hard.  Why not be sure your time is being spent in the most efficient and effective way possible? Take the guesswork out of your training with the first and most comprehensive training program created just for the sport of ultimate.


The Ultimate Athlete Project works because it is a complete, long term plan. 

  • Strength training that actually enhances on field performance
  • Power development to help you get faster and more explosive
  • The type of endurance you need to keep going strong late in the day Sunday
  • Appropriate volume and progressions for reduced injury risk
  • Taper and peak when it matters most!

PLUMelissa WitmerS! You'll be joining our comunity of over 672 athletes who are committed to taking thier training to the next level.

The Ultimate Athlete Project is open during a few select weeks of the year, to allow for plenty of time for off-season work. Now is your chance!

Reach your athletic potential. Start training NOW for a season of awesome plays and no regrets!


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